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Company Overview

NOVA Office Strategies was founded in 1999 as a Facilities Management and Document Management Services provider. NOVA partners with law firms and corporations to provide on-site office-management services and off-site document services.

NOVA’s client-centric approach allows us to provide tailored solutions for your firm or business regardless of size and structure. We service law clients that range from solo practitioners to AM Law 100 Firms. Additionally, our Print Fulfillment Center provides custom print solutions and fulfillment services for Fortune 1000 companies.

Our Mission:
NOVA is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients while providing personal and professional growth to our Ambassadors.

Our Commitment to our Clients:

We are committed to meet the following goals.

  •  Exceptional Service
  •  Extraordinary Quality
  • Absolute Professionalism

We define our success by our ability to surpass or clients’ expectations.

Management Team

Jason Ryan

Charles Evans
Vice President, Facilities Management

Brian Russo
Production Manager, Charlotte

Brian Kuklick
Managing Partner, Raleigh

Chris Cooper
Manager, eDiscovery

Marsha Brummitt
Accounting/Business Manager

Bruce Tracy

Shannon Stansell
Director, Facilities Management

Peter Coleman
Director, Business Development


NOVA is proud to share our client’s experiences.  Whats your NOVA story?


“Everyone in our office agrees that Nova’s performance is absolutely aligned with its vision statement: Exceptional Service, Extraordinary Quality, Absolute Professionalism.”

– Janice S. Burton, Office Administrator


“I expect Nova Office Strategies to be a business partner by continually seeking ways to improve efficiency in our service center. Nova is, by far, exceeding all expectations.”

– Wanda E. Poplin, PHR, Office Administrator


“Nova has consistently delivered a professionally finished product on time and on budget. There have been times we asked the impossible; Nova always delivers.”

– Chip Brunt, Director, Learning and Development


NOVA partners with industry leaders to provide our clients with state-of-the-art products and services to improve efficiencies and control costs. We are proud to partner with the following companies:

  • Disco
  • Sharp
  • Ipro
  • Canon
  • Konica Minolta
  • LitForce
  • CloudNine

Our Facilities

NOVA’s Production Data Centers employ cutting-edge production equipment and state-of-the-art imaging hardware & software.  Our secured facilities are focused on client confidentiality.

To schedule a private tour, please contact us at 704.347.0055 or toll free at 1.866.449.9973